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Feb 24, 2013 11:00am EST
these softer media venues. joining us now bill plante and david zurawik television critic for "baltimore sun" and julie mason and former white house correspondent for politico. bill plante, you have been patrolling that building since ronald reagan. does the press look self-involved and whiny, as i said earlier complaining about this tiger incident? >> we have gotten used to being a whiny lap dogs. i have gotten used to it. this is about access to the president. and access to the president has been cut and pushed and curtailed over every administration i've covered. here's the nub of it, howie, this administration has the tools to reach people on their own. they don't need us as much. and to the extent that they're able to do that, they're undercutting the first amendment, which guarantees a free press through many voices. if they put out their own material, it's state-run media. >> yes. >> bill makes an interesting point. and part of the reason that the white house press corps, no picture was put out. we never saw the two of them together. maybe obama administration wanted it
Feb 17, 2013 11:00am EST
news get overshadowed? joining us now in washington is jane hall school of communications. frank sesno and a former cnn washington bureau chief and paul farh ireporter for "the washington post." should the cable networks gone wall-to-wall with the christopher dorner drama as the president was getting ready for the state of the union. >> they didn't have a choice. >> they didn't have a choice? >> executives make choices. >> what they didn't do, they didn't interrupt the speech itself. they didn't split screen the speech itself. so, the speech itself stood there. now, would i have liked to have seen more about the president and what was going into the state of the union? yes. is there a clash here? fundamentally right the dorner story is a local story, mostly. but it was getting national attention. so, it was both. the presidential story was a global story. this is, this is o.j. on steroids. i mean, we've been here before. >> tleferance, of course, made to bill clinton's 1997 state of the union which was split screen. okay, local story jane hall, national attention. why is that? >> well,
Feb 10, 2013 8:00am PST
to actually talk about this and only use quotes sparingly from him. and i happen to think that for "the new york times" is a wise decision. you want to see it on facebook, go look for it. >> let me mention that dorner also sent a package to cnn's anderson cooper which contained a dvd having to do with his being kicked off the lapd and also a bullet-ridden souvenir coin. take a look at cooper's reaction. >> what i find so interesting and puzzling is that, i mean, big parts of this manifesto don't sound like they come from an insane person or someone capable of doing these killings. he seems aware of reality, the consequences of his actions. >> i've been getting a lot of heat on twitter saying this guy dorner likes all these liberals on tv, the media is covering this up, it's somehow tying the fact of these media personalities to this murder's alleged rampage saying we blame conservatives. it would be different if he said he liked rush limbaugh or sarah palin. i don't know what to make of that. >> i thought the more interesting part of his manifesto was his analysis of the lapd. ther
Feb 3, 2013 8:00am PST
words. >> so, are the media going, dare i say it, soft on hillary? joining us now tererance smith, dana milbank and amy holmes. seems like the media, whether you think hillary clinton did a good job or not so good of job as secretary of state or almost walking on water. >> bit of a love fest, wasn't it? not surprising, i suppose. she has done a good job and she got credit for that. towards the end of the week it seemed to me you saw more critical coverage of her four years, what she achieved, what she didn't achieve. how power and foreign policy, anyway is still in the white house and not -- >> a point made by the "new york times" this morning. particularly in the tv interviews, did you see any cabinet member getting that kind of treatment? >> certainly not. but do remember that the media, had their knives out for hillary back in 2008 when she was in the way of the other media darling, president obama. but now she's been sort of safely put, safely put at foggy bottom when i was leaving, we can now discuss her potential for president of the united states. >> setting up my question
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)